High Plains Spinners and Weavers

Library Contents

All of these items are available to take a look at, or to check out. The High Plains Spinners and Weavers library is located at "Two Barns". Please come a half hour before the meeting if you would like to look at or check out any items.



   1. A Handbook of Weaves by G.H. Oelsner

   2. A Handweaver's Pattern Book by Marguerite Porter Davison

   3. A Practical Treatise on Weaving and Designing of Textile Fabrics by Ashenhurst

   4. A Weavers Book of 8-Shaft Patterns by Carol Strickler

   5. American Woven Coverlets by Carol Strickler

   6. CUM Scandinavian Handweaving and Rya by CUM Textile Industries

   7. Dimensional Patchwork Sampler by Jackie Robertson

   8. Double Two-Tie Unite Weaves by Barrette & Smith

   9. Handmade Rugs by Jean Ray Laury & Joyce Aiden

  10. Hands on Rigid  Heddle Weaving by Betty Linn Davenport

  11. Handwoven's Design Collection 1 Simple Summer Tops

  12. Handwoven's Design Collection 2 Table Linens

  13. Handwoven's Design Collection 3 Gifts

  14. Handwoven's Design Collection 4 Outerwear

  15. Handwoven's Design Collection 5 Dishtowels

  16. Handwoven's Design Collection 6  Not for Beginners Only

  17. Handwoven's Design Collection 7 Simple Styles

  18. Handwoven's Design Collection 8 Just Rugs

  19. Handwoven's Design Collection 9 No Sew Garments

  20. Handwoven's Design Collection 10 Terrific Table Toppers

  21. Handwoven's Design Collection 11 Heirloom Table Linens

  22. Handwoven's Design Collection 12 Great Cover-Ups

  23. Handwoven's Design Collection 13 Super Simple Tops

  24. Handwoven's Design Collection 16 Kitchen Collection

  25. Handwoven's Design Collection 18 A Treasury of Towels

  26. Handwoven's Design Collection 19 Scarfs and Shawls

  27. Handwoven's Design Collection 20 Weekend Weaving

  28. Inkle Weaving by Helene Bress

  29. Learning to Weave by Deborah Chandler

  30. Mastering Weave Structures by Sharon Alderman

  31. On- Loom Cardweaving by Herbi Gray

  32. Rug Weaving Techniques by Peter Collingwood

  33. Step-By-Step Rugmaking by Neil Snamierowski

  34. Step-By-Step Weaving by Nell Znamierowski

  35. Tablet Weaving by Marjorie and William Snow

  36. Tapestry Weaving by Nancy Harvey

  37. Textiles and Clothing by McGowan and Waite

  38. The Art of Weaving by Else Regenstiener

  39. The Craft of Handweaving by Iona Plath

  40. The Key to Weaving by Mary Beack 1979

  41. The Key to Weaving by Mary Beack 1980

  42. The Romance of French Weaving by Paul Rodier

  43. The Structure of Weaving by Ann Sutton

  44. The Techniques of Rug Weaving by Peter Collingwood

  45. Twills and Twill Derivatives by Lucille Landis

  46. Warp & Weave by Robert LeCerc

  47. Warping All By Yourself by Cay Garrett

  48. Warping Your Loom & Tying on New Warps by Peggy Osterkamp

  49. Weaving a Life-The Story of Mary Miegs Atwater by Teiter & Paterson

  50. Weaving You Can Use by Jean Wilson




   1. Handwoven Magazine currently have a subscription.  Have the complete collection along with a complete index in the library.

   2. Shuttles, Spindle & Dypot.

   3. The Weaver's Journal October 1976 - Fall 1985 (not inclusive).






   1. Spin-off  currently have a subscription. Have the complete collection.



   1.  A guide to spinning silk fiber

   2.  A guide to spinning wool.  Learn how to spin wool from rare sheep breeds and other wool fibers.

   3. Step by Step Spinning & Dyeing by Eunice Svinicki




   1. Feltmaking by Chad Alice Hagen




   1. Earth Basketry by Osma Callinger Tod

   2. The Techniques of Basketry by Virginia I. Harvey




   1. 101 Ways to Improve Your Knitting by Barbara Abbey

   2. 101 Ways to Seam, Join, & Pick Up Stitches by Yo's Needlecraft

   3. Afghans to Knit & Crochet by Better Homes & Gardens

   4. Basic Crochet & Knit by Ondori

   5. Casablanca by Brunswick

   6. Charted Swiss Folk Designs by Elvira Paroleni-Ruffin

   7. Children's World by Phildar

   8. Classic Designs by Arco Publishing, Inc.

   9. Classy Knitting by Ferne Geller Cone

  10. Continental Hand-Knits by Bear Brand, Fleisher

  11. Cottage Creations' Babies & Bears Sweater by Carol Anderson and Kristi Williams

  12. Cotton Sunshine by Brunswick

  13. Desert Designs by Aboriginal Artist

  14.  Folk Socks by Nancy Bush

  15. Heads to Toes to Crochet and Knit by Fleisher, Bear Brand, Botany

  16. Home Decorating with Knitting & Crochet by Mary Harding

  17. Knitting by Ladies Home Journal

  18. Knitting Sweaters for Kids edited by Angela Kennedy

  19. Knitting for the First Time by Vanessa Ann

  20. Knitting Sweaters from the Top Down by Cathy Carron

  21. Knitting Without Needles by Peggy Boehm

  22. Learn How Book by Coats & Clark's book No 170-B

  23. Mohair Knitting by Rieko Togawa

  24. Quick Knits by Trisha Malcolm

  25. Scandinavian Charted Designs by Lindberg Press

  26. Schaffhauser Mode

  27. Seamless Sweaters by Sidna Farley

  28. Shawls and Scarves edited by Nancy J. Thomas

  29. Stitch by Stitch by Torstar Books

  30. Sweater Bazaar by Columbia Minerva

  31. Sweaters by Hand by Helen Rush & Rachael Emmons

  32. Sweaters from the Seaton Collection by Jamie and Jessi Seaton

  33. Sweaters for Men by Alice Starmore

  34. The Big Book of Quick Knit Sweaters by Leisure Arts

  35. The Complete Book of Raglan Sweaters by Leisure Arts

  36. The Great Afghan Book by American School of Needlwork

  37. The Prolific Knitting Machine by Catherine Cartwright Jones

  38. The Sasha Kagan Sweater Book edited by Bridget Harris

  39. Toy Knits by Debbie Bliss

  40. Traditional Knitting, Patterns of Ireland, Scotland and England by Gwyn Morgan

  41. Trendsetter Yarns Book 15 by Ornaghi Filati

  42. Vogue Knitting, Beginner Basics by Vogue

  43. Women's Vests by Leisure Arts






   1. Annie's Fashion Wardrobe

   2. Interweave Knits:  fall 1996 through summer 2005

   3. Knitting Digest

   4. Vogue Knitting




   1. 1005 Marihone by Dale Baby Ull

   2. 13 Family Sweaters in Machine Washable Wools by Lane Borgosesia, USA

   3.  3006 Sedalen by Dale of Norway

   4. 3/4 Time by Brown Sheep Company

   5. 8 ply Vest by Cheryl Oberle

   6. 837 The Sculpture Garden by Classic Elite Yarns

   7. A Doreen Baby Book by Nell Armstrong Volume 92

   8. A Warm Touch Scarfs and Hats by Knitting Basket Originals (leaflet No. CB-2)

   9. Acapulco Vest by The Wool Connection

  10. Adorable Babies 3 by Leisure Arts

  11. Afghan Book 2 by Leisure Arts (Leaflet 102)

  12. Afghans & Pillows to Knit & Crochet by Leisure Arts (leaflet 149)

  13. Afghans to Knit and Crochet by Leisure Arts (leaflet 12)

  14. All Ways in Jumbuk by Jumbuk Wools

  15. Altiplano Mohair Pullover by Joy McGrath

  16. American Girl Casual Set by Vanessa Sanford Paradis

  17. American Girl Winter Collection by Vanessa Sanford Paradis

  18. American Girl Jogging Set by Craftfinder.com

  19. Arrow Shawl by Cheryl Oberle

  20. Astrakhan Fashion Hand Knits by Margaret Kinnard

  21. Athean Waistcoat by Cheryl Oberle

  22. Baab's Brown Sheep Vest by Brown Sheep Company

  23. Baby by Dale Baby Collection Kr. 25-40

  24. Baby by Dale Baby Collection Kr. 25

  25. Baby by Dale Baby Collection NR. 72

  26. Baby Cardigan with Lace Edging by Classic Elite Yarns

  27. Baby Garter Stitch Jacket and Bonnet author unknown

  28. Baby Bloom by Brunswich Needlework Vol S26

  29. Baby Ripple by Leisure Arts

  30. Baby Talk by Leisure Arts (Leaflet 4)

  31. Barn by Strikkeoppskrifter for barn fra 2 Til 12 Ar

  32. Basic Person Pattern author unknown

  33. Basic Tweed Cardigan by Jane Livingston (Berroco

  34. Basketweave Panel Slipover author unknown

  35. Beach Belle by Patons

  36. Bernat Afghans No 64 in the Bernat series

  37. Bernat Book 514 (New Designer Knits Book) by Bernat

  38. Bernat Book No. 546 for Carlotta Yarns  by Bernat

  39. Bernat Book No. 551 by Bernat

  40. Bernat Classics for Women No 96 by Bernat

  41. Bernat Cotton Club 9 Designs for Sport Weight Yarns by Bernat

  42. Blanster Jersey, Tunic, Cropped Jersey by The Workshop

  43. Blue Bonnet by Roxana Bartlett

  44. Boatneck Pullover with Cap Sleeves by Bernat

  45. Bold and Beautiful by Patons Canadiana Chunky

  46. Brittany Jumper #130 by Minnowknits

  47. Cable and Lace Clog Socks by Leslie Sherman

  48. Caps for Kids by Leisure Arts

  49. Caps, Hats and Helmets to Knit and Crochet by Leisure Arts

  50. Cardigan Sweater by Mixed Yarn Knitting

  51. Carmen by Bernat

  52. Charmers by Bernat

  53. Catch of the Day by Classic Elite Yarns

  54. Chenille and Double Knittings by Patons

  55. Chill Chasers (brochure 195) by Berroco

  56. Children's Vests by Leisure Arts

  57. Childs Teddy Pullover by Helarsgarn

  58. Cindy by Bouquet

  59. Choice Classics by Yarns Brunswick

  60. Classic Cardigan and Hat by Mary Maxim

  61. Classic Design by Alpaca Andes

  62. Classic Kids by Bucilla

  63. Classic Sock by Cheryl Oberle

  64. Classics for Children by Brunswick

  65. Cleckheaton by Cleckheaton yarns

  66. Complete American Girl Wardrobe by Vanessa Sandofr Paradia

  67. Condo Knitting by Susan Bates

  68. Cotton Sport Jacket by Ram Wools

  69. Cotton Yarn Sweaters American Thread Company Leaflet 100

  70. Coyote Cardigan by Marlene Sigel

  71. Crib Covers by Leisure Arts (Leaflet 126)

  72. Critter Classics by Sidna Farley

  73. Dale Garn

  74. Del Mar Cable Tunic by Alpaca Andes

  75. Design 1 author unknown

  76. Doreen Baby Gems by Nell Armstrong Volume 100

  77. Double Breasted Jacket by Odhams Leisure Group

  78. Easy Choices to Knit Leisure Arts (leaflet 965)

  79. Easy Toppers by Seasons

  80. Elizabeth Zimmermann's Rib Warmer by Elizabeth Zimmermann

  81. English Mohair Eyelet Pullover by Joy McGrath

  82. Entrelac Mittens author unknown

  83. Eye of the Partridge by Penny Straker

  84. Fabulous Felted Footies for Infants and Children author unknown

  85. Fair Isle Cardigan by Reynolds better by design

  86. Fall 2001 Collection by Tahki Yarns

  87. Falling In Love Scarf by Fiber Trends

  88. Faroese Shawl by Cheryl Oberle

  89. Fashion Accessories by Fashion Wardrobe

  90. Fashion Doll Clothes by Leisure Arts (leaflet 341)

  91. Fashion Gems by Bernet

  92. Fashioned for Men by Bernat (book 530)

  93. Feather and Fan Pullover  by Tatyana Berman (Berroco style 614)

  94. Filet-Yoke Pullover by Jane Livingston (Berroco style 618)

  95. Fleisher's Baby Book Vol. 87

  96. Fleisher's Sweater Book Vol. 106 by Fleisher's

  97. Floral and Bobble Pullover by Reynolds (pattern 809)

  98. Foot Hugger Sox by PMJ FiberFarm

  99. For All Men by Bernat (book 88)

 100. For All My Children by Leisure Arts (Leaflet 78)

 101. Gifts Knitted and Crocheted Star Gift Book No. 48

 102. Gloves and Mittens for the Family by Bernat book 82

 103.  Jacket or Coat by Mixed Yarn Knitting

 104. Jaeger Jacket by P. Straker, Ltd.

 105. Jester Hats by Fiber Trends

 106. John's Guernsey by Penny Straker

 107. Jo's Polo A Penny Straker Design

 108. Kids Picture Sweaters by Crucci

 109. Kids Vests by Leisure Arts (leaflet 580)

 110. Kitten Pullover by Reynolds (No. K19)

 111. Knit a Dozen Dishcloths by American School of Needlework

 112. Lacy Pullover by Susan Bates

 113. Lacy Qiviut Sock by Shirley MacNulty

 114. Lady's Big Cable-Panel Sweater by Shepherd Thisledown

 115. Ladies' Gloves and Mittens by Kaiapoi

 116. Learn to Knit J&P Coats Book No. 234

 117. Lirica Lace Shawl by Alpaca Andes

 118. Magic Mobius by Susan Levin

 119. Marnel Caprice (Sport Weight Yarn) by Marnel

 120. Mary Maxim Multi Colour Pullovers by Mary Maxim

 121. Mary Maxim Royale Book 2 by Mary Maxim

 122. Mary Maxim Shimmer Designs by Mary Maxim

 123. (Jeans) Men's Pullover by Mayflower (Nr. 583)

 124. Mock Ribbed Cuernsey Cardigan by Silver Creek Classics

 125. Mohair Wlaking Jacket by Joy McGrath

 126. Monte Cristo by Susan Bates

 127. Mori/Linen Tee by Stetson Weddle

 128. Mother/Daughter Capes to knit or crochet by Leisure Arts (leaflet 324)

 129. Multicolour Pullover by Mary Maxim

 130. New Icelandic Patterns by Reynolds

 131. Noro Entelac Vest author unknown

 132. Original Danish Designs for all the Family by Reynolds

 133. Kids' Knits for Heads, Hands & Toes by Debbie Bliss

 134. Knit Some Summer Socks by Sharon Dalebout

 135. Knit Vests for Men and Women by Brunswick (volume 789)

 136. Knitter's Magazine Winter 1996

 137. Loveable Hand Knits by Bear Brand

 138. Mini Motif Designs Duplicate Stitch by Graphworks International

 139. Mix and Match Knits by Crucci

 140. MenZone by Crucci Volume 39

 141. Moccasin Socks by Elizabeth Zimmermann

 142. Modified Diagonal Cardigan by LaLana Wools

 143. More Afghans to Knit and Crochet by Leisure Arts (leaflet 34)

 144. More Knit Pullovers by Leisure Arts

 145. Mustachio Child's Hooded Sweater by Friends, Inc

 146. Needlework Miniatures by Leisure Arts (Leaflet 146)

 147. Newport Cardigan by Louise

 148. Ninos by Katia (Spanish and English)

 149. Norwegian Cardigan by Mary Spanos

 150. Out of Norway by Cheryl Oberle

 151. Potpourri Cotton Look by Bouquet

 152. Phildar No 76 Knit and Crochet Patterns by Phildar

 153. Pretty Pullovers with Knit-In Texture by Leisure Arts

 154. Poudre River Pullover by Tara Jon Manning

 155. Quick Knit Vests by Leisure Arts

 156. Quoyeden Jersey, Tunic, Cropped Jersey by The Workshop

 157. Raglans to Knit from the Neck Down by Bucilla

 158. Rock-A-Bye Wraps by Leisure Arts (leaflet 1422)

 159. Ruffled Tulip Hat by Fiber Trends

 160. Santa Fe Sweater &  Mohair Vest by Joy McGrath

 161. Sara's Diamond Cable by Louise

 162. Scandia by Bernat (book No. 576)

 163. Seed Bordered Top style 873 by Norah Gaughan (Berroco)

 164. Seed Stitch Stripe Sweater by Design by Lynne

 165. Shaker Stitch Sweaters & Vests by Leisure Arts (leaflet 450)

 166. Shaker Stitch Vests by Leisure Arts (leaflet 390)

 167. Simple Pleasure author unknown

 168. Slippers to Knit and Crochet by Leisure Arts (leaflet 356)

 169. Snowflake Designed by Patons

 170. Snowflake and Crystal by Brunswick yarns (Vol 8510)

 171. Snuggly by Sirdar

 172. Socks by Rita Buchanan & Deborah Robson (Spin-Off special publication)

 173. Socks from the Toe Up by Bonkers Handmade Originals

 174. Soft & Pretty by Leisure Arts

 175. Soft Toys by Crucci

 176. Southwest Hugs & Kisses Sweater by Michele Wyman's

 177. Spotted Sweater by Odhams Leisure Group

 178. Spring Casuals by Leisure Arts

 179. Stahl Nr. 7 by Stahl Yarn

 180. Stahl Nr. 8 by Stahl Yarn

 181. Star Galaxy Cardigan by Mary Maxim

 182. Stripes, Stripes Mustachio Stripes by Friends, Inc.

 183. Summer Classics by Crucci Volume 179

 184. Summer Wings by Ram Wools

 185. Sweater Twins by Friends, Inc

 186. Sweaterbook for Sweaterweather, Knit, Crochet, Afghan stitch by Spinnerin Yarns

 187. Sweaters & Vests for Children by Leisure Arts

 188. Tangerina #135QK by Minnowknits

 189. Terrific Tops by Leisure Arts

 190. Textured Scarf Collection by Plymouth Yarn Company

 191. The Afghan Book by Leisure Arts (Leaflet 63)

 192. Timeless Treasures by McCall's Needlework & Crafts

 193. Toddlers Guernesy Cardigan Sweater by Silver Creek Classica

 194. Treasure Purse by Alpaca Andes

 195. Trendy Knits for Toddlers by Patons

 196. Trondheim by Dalegarn

 197. Tuxedo Vest by Ann Norling

 198. V-Neck Vest Cardigan or Pullover by Mixed Yarn Knitting

 199. V-Neck Vest by Mixed Yarn Knitting

 200. Vests for the Family by Bernat

 201. Victorian Beauties by Leisure Arts (leaflet 1292)

 202. Victorian Prisms by Cheryl Oberle

 203. Village Vest by Oat Couture Natural Knitting

 204. Warm and Cuddly Blanket by HGTV Carol Duvall

 205. Waves and Flowers Shell by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer

 206. Wildflowers Waistcoat by Cheryl Oberle

 207. Windows Pullover Vest by Cheryl Oberle

 208. Winsor Tyrolean by Louise

 209. Women's Cardigans by Nomis Yarn

 210. Women's Vests by Nomis Yarn Volume 40

 211. Woolpak 8 ply Gansey by Cheryl Oberle

 212. Worsted Weight Fashions, Book No. 618 by Bernat




   1. 101 Easy Scrap Crochet Projects by Laura Scott

   2. A Year of Afghans  by Oxmoor House

   3. Afghans & Crochet Classics by Red Heart

   4. Afghans to Knit & Crochet by Better Homes & Gardens

   5. Afghan Romance the Needlecraft Shop

   6. Annie's Attic Crochet Quilt & Afghan Club Notebook of Patterns

   7. Annie's Attic-Quick 'N Easy Crocheting 2 volume set

   8. Basic Crochet & Knit by Ondori

   9. Country Afghans Vanessa-Ann Collection

  10. Cozy Crocheted Afghans Vanessa-Ann Collection

  11. Crochet Collection by Leisure Arts Publications

  12. Crochet Designs of Anne Orr by Dover Needlework Series

  13. Crocheted Afghans by Oxmoor House

  14. Crocheting for the Home by Margaret Ramsey & Sondra Miller

  15. Crocheting Tablecloths & Placemats by Florence Winslein

  16. Crochet Techniques & Projects by Sunset Books

  17. Decorating with Crochet Anne Halliday

  18. Filet Crochet by Mrs. F.W. Kettelle

  19. Forever Favorite Crochet by Better Homes & Gardens

  20. Granny Crochet Favorites by Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss

  21. Hard Crochet by Mark Dittrick

  22. Heads to Toes to Crochet and Knit by Fleisher, Bear Brand, Botany

  23. Heirloom Booties-The Crochet Catalog

  24. Home Decorating with Knitting & Crochet by Mary Harding

  25. I Can't Believe I'm Crocheting by Leisure Arts

  26. Learn How Book by Coats & Clark's book No 170-B

  27. Learn How to Cro-Tat the Easy Way by Annie's Attic

  28. Learn to Crochet by Coats & Clark's book No. 210-A

  29. Magic Squares-Crochet Pillows & Potholders by Coats and Clark

  30. McCall's Crochet Treasury

  31. Mosaic Magic, Afghans Made Easy by Lily M. Chin

  32. New Crochet Basics by Leisure Arts

  33. New Ripple Afghans by Rita Weiss

  34. Plane& Fancy Alphabets by Better Homes and Gardens

  35. Quick and Easy Crochet by Mary Carolyn Waldrep

  36. Romantic Crochet by Better Homes & Gardens

  37. Spinnerin by Wee Moderns (Infants & Toddlers)

  38. Stitch by Stitch by Torstar Books

  39. The Great Afghan Book by American School of Needlework

  40. The Great Granny Crochet Book

  41. The Harmony Guide to Crochet Stitches by Lyric Books

  42. Tiny Tag-alongs The crochet catalog (Crocheted Toys)

  43. Today's Crochet by Susan Huxley

  44. Vanna's Afghans-All Through the House by Oxmoor House

  45. Wicked Afghans The Boye Needle Co.




   1. Annie's Fashion Wardrobe




   1. A Bookful of New Edgings Book 109

   2. A Doreen Baby Book by Nell Armstrong Vol. 92

   3. A Year of Q-Hook Afghans by Leisure Arts

   4. Afghan Book 2 by Leisure Arts (Leaflet 102)

   5. Afghans & Pillows to Knit & Crochet by Leisure Arts (leaflet 149)

   6. Afghans for All Seasons by Leisure Arts

   7. Afghans on the Double by Leisure Arts

   8. Afghans to Crochet by Coats & Clark Book No. 291

   9. Afghans to Knit and Crochet by Leisure Arts (leaflet 12)

  10. Baby Talk by Leisure Arts (leaflet 4)

  11. Beautiful Bazaar Projects by Leisure Arts

  12. Big Book of Dishcloths by Leisure Arts

  13. Big Book of Little Doilies by Leisure Arts

  14. Butterflies in Crochet J&P Coats book No. 272

  15. Caps, Hats and Helmets to Knit and Crochet by Leisure Arts

  16. Cloud Nine Afghans for Baby Lesirue Arts

  17. Collectable Thread Potholders by Annie's Attic (87PO5)

  18. Color Accents in Afghans by Columbia minerva (leaflet 2527)

  19. Color Splash Dishcloths by Leisure Arts

  20. Contest Favorites Dishcloths by Leisure Arts

  21. Country Crochet by Stephanie Roselle (Rag Rug Instructions)

  22. Crib Covers by Leisure Arts (Leaflet 126)

  23. Crinoline Lady in Crochet J&P Coats Book No. 262

  24. Crochet on the Edge by Annie's Attic

  25. Crocheted Edgings by Leisure Arts

  26. Crochet Yokes for Sweatshirts Leasure Arts (leaflet #1116)

  27. Desert Air Bed & Bath by Annie's Attic

  28. Dolls and Dolls Star Book No. 84

  29. Doll Book by J.&P. Coats Book No 280

  30. Dolls of Famous Women in History by DMC Pearl Vol. 406

  31. Doreen Baby Gems by Nell Armstrong Volume 100

  32. Doreen Dolls by Nell Armstrong Volume 102

  33. Dressy Doilies American Thread Company free leaflet 87

  34. Edgings Book No. 162

  35. Fashion Accessories by Fashion Wardrobe

  36. Fine Crochet and Tatting by J&P Coats Book No 259

  37. Floral Doilies J&P Coats Book No. 258

  38. Floral Mile-A-Minute Afghans by Tammy Kreimeyer

  39. For All My Children by Leisure Arts (Leaflet 78)

  40. Fut-To-Wear Crocheted Socks by Annie's Attic

  41. Gifts Knitted and Crocheted Star Gift Book No. 48

  42. Grannies by Leisure Arts (leaflet 58)

  43. Handkerchief Edgings Star Edging Book No. 102

  44. Herrschners Award-Winning Traditional Crochet Afghans 2007

  45. Holly Stocking by Red Heart

  46. Kitchen Sets to Crochet by Leisure Arts (Leaflet 2468)

  47. Lacy Granny Afghans by Leisure Arts (leaflet 480)

  48. Mary Maxim Royale Book 2 by Mary Maxim

  49. Mile-a-Minute Afghans by Leisure Arts

  50. More Afghans to Knit and Crochet by Leisure Arts (leaflet 34)

  51. More Crocheted Collars by American School of Needlework

  52. Mother/Daughter Capes to knit or crochet by Leisure Arts (leaflet 324)

  53. Needlework Miniatures by Leisure Arts (Leaflet 146)

  54. New Handkerchief Edgings DMC Cottons Vol. 407

  55. Phildar No. 76 Knit and Crochet Patterns by Phildar

  56. Pot Holders Star Pot Holder Book No. 101

  57. Pot Holders J&P Coats Book No. 222

  58. Pot Holders J&P Coats Book No. 243

  59. Pot Holders and Oven Mitts Lily Design Book No. 59

  60. Pot Holders for Kitchen Pick-Me-Ups J&P Coats book No. 294

  61. Quick & Classic Afghans by Carole Rutter Tippett

  62. Quick Caps by Leisure Arts

  63. Quick Step Q-Hook Rugs by Leisure Arts

  64. Ruthies Easy Crochet Scarves by Leisure Arts

  65. Slippers to Knit and Crochet by Leisure Arts (leaflet 356)

  66. Star Pot Holders American Thread Company book No. 32

  67. Star Wheel Bedspread Design No. 659

  68. Sweaterbook for Sweaterweather, Knit, Crochet, Afghan Stitch by Spinnerin Yarn

  69. The Afghan Book by Leisure Arts (Leaflet 63)

  70. The Big Top in Crochet Star Book No. 90

  71. The Third Puritan Crocheted Bedspread by American Thread Company free leaflet 96

  72. Timeless Treasures by McCall's Needlework & Crafts

  73. Vanna's Favorite Gift Afghans Leisure Arts








   1. The Complete Book of Tatting by Rebecca Jones

   2. Easy Tatting by Rozella F. Linden

   3. Learn How Book by Coats & Clark's book No 170-B

   4. Learn How to Cro-Tat the Easy Way by Annie's Attic

   5. Tatted Snowflakes by Vida Sunderman

   6. Tatting Doilies & Edgings by Rita Weiss




   1. Fine Crochet and Tatting by J&P Coats book No 259

   2. Handkerchief Edgings Star Edging book No. 102




   1. A Dyer's Garden by Rita Buchanan

   2. Medieval Dyes by Jodi Smith

   3. Natural Dyes and Home Dyeing by Rita J. Adrosko

   4. Step by Step Spinning & Dyeing by Eunice Svinicki






   1. A Beginner's Handbook of Porcupine Quilwork by Barbara Mueller






   1. Better Homes & Gardens Embroidery by Gerald Knox

   2. Learn How Book by Coats & Clark's book No 170-B




   1. Christmas Transfer Collection by Cross Stitch & Country Crafts (embroidery-Christmas and Alphabet)

   2. More Southwest Borders by Leisure Arts (Leaflet 835)

   3. Shades of the Southwest by Rain Drop (book 4)






   1. 24 Hour Quilts by Reta Weiss

   2. 400 Quilt Blocks by Linda Causee

   3. 505 Quilt Blocks by Better Homes and Gardens

   4. Amish Quilt Patterns by Rachel T. Pellman

   5. Applique Album Quilts by Sandra Sigal & melanie Fabian

   6. Bargello Magic by Pauline Fischer & Anabel Lasker

   7. Bears in The Woods Quilt by Eleaner Burns

   8. Best of the Best Quilts by Lelsie Beck

   9. Birds of the Air Quilt by Eleanor Burns

  10. Boston Common Quilt by Eleanor Burns

  11. Calming the Storm by Darlene Zimmerman & Joy Hoffman

  12. Complete Book of Border Designs by Linda Schapper

  13. Country Patchwork & Quilting by Leslie Linsley

  14. Country Wildflowers by Leman Publications

  15. Creative American Quilting by Better Homes and Gardens

  16. Easy American Rag Quilts by Annis Clapp

  17. Fans & Flutterbys by Patricia Knoechel

  18. Fantastic Fabric Folding by Eleanor Burns

  19. Flying Geese by Eleanor Burns

  20. Gather 'Round the Table by Margaret L. Hanson/Judy M. McKinney

  21. How to Design and Make Your Own Quilts by Katherine Guerrier

  22. Ice Cream Cone Quilt by Eleanor Burns

  23. In Love with Log Cabings by Oxmoor House

  24. Into The Garden by Cindy Zlotnik Oravecz

  25. Irish Chain In A Day by Eleanor Burns

  26. Lap Quilting by Georgia Bonesteel

  27. Lap Quilting by Muriel Breckenridge

  28. Material Passions, Fabrics of a Daydream by Vanessa-Ann Collection

  29. Northern Star Quilt by Sue Bouchard

  30. Nostalgia Patchwork & Quilting by Robby Savonen

  31. Patchwork & Quilting by Better Homes & Gardens 1977

  32. Patchwork & Quilting by Better Homes & Gardens 1987

  33. Patchwork Projects by Better Homes and Gardens

  34. Pillow Patches by Nancy J. Smith & Lynda S. Milligan

  35. Pioneer Life by Quilt Country

  36. Quick Country Quilts for Every Room by Debbie Mumm

  37. Quilt Collection by Gooseberry Patch

  38. Quilt Hoops by Yvonne Amico & Melanie Fabian

  39. Quilt in A Day by Eleanor Burns

  40. Quilted Wedding Keepsakes by Eileen Westfall

  41. Quilting & Patchwork by Sunset Books

  42. Quilts and Coverlets by Denver Art Museum

  43. Quilts With Style by Zippy Designs Publishing

  44. Rotary Cut Quilts by Fons & Porter

  45. Sampler Schoolhouse by Brenda Heming

  46. Scrap Savers' Stitchery Book by Farm Journal Craft Book

  47. Scrap Quilts by Patricia Wilens

  48. Seminole Patchwork by Cheryl Greider Bradkin

  49. Sew Easy Strip Quilting by Nancy J. Martin

  50. Show Me How to Paper Piece by Carol Doak

  51. Silver Threads, A Nap In The Sun Vanessa-Ann Collection

  52. Small Quilts by Vanessa Ann

  53. Stitch & Flip Quilts by Valori Wells

  54. String Pieced Quilts by Quilting Today

  55. Sunbonnet Sue Quilt by Leisure Arts

  56. Three Dimensional Patchwork Sample by Jackie Robertson

  57. The Best Book on Quilting by DeAnn Palmer

  58. The It's OK If You Sit On My Quilt Book by Mary Ellen Hopkins

  59. The Joy of Quilting by Sandra MacKenzie & Judith Torno

  60. The Olympic Games Quilts by The Quiltmakers of Georgia

  61. The Patchworks Quilt-As-You-Go Book by JMeredith Montross

  62. The Standard Book of Quilt Making & Collecting by Marguerite Ickis

  63. The Weekend Quilt by Leslie Linsley

  64. The World of Amish Quilts by Rachel & Kenneth Pellman

  65. Traditional Quilts to Paper Piece by Cori Derksen & Myra Harden

  66. Trio of Treasured Quilts by Eleanor Burns

  67. Trip Around the World Quilt by Eleanor Burns

  68. Triple Irish Chain by Windy Gilbert

  69. Tynnebelle's Quilts, Miniature Foundation Patterns by Peg Beer/Debra Perkins




   1. Love of Quilting April 2004

   2. Quilt Fall 2001

   3. Quilt Fall 2003

   4. Quilting April 2000

   5. Quiltmakers Spring 2005

   6. Quilter's Newsletter Magazine assorted issues




   1. My Funny Valentine by Jeanne Sheilds & Carole Mason (Applique Valentine)




   1. A Year Roy Quilts by Leisure Arts

   2. Applique Accents by Teresa Nelson

   3. Easy Americana Roy Quilting by Leisure Arts

   4. Home is Where the Heart Is by Leisure Arts (leaflet 2838)

   5. Mary Ann's Purse by Mary Ann Sheppard

   6. Ozark Butterflies by R-Gems, Inc.

   7. Seminole Skirt & Blouse by Patricia Knoechel

   8. Schoolhouse Wallhanging by Eleanor Burns

   9. Scrap Happy Christmas by House of White Birches

  10. Sofa Quilts & Pillows by House of White Birches

  11. Strip-Pieced Patchwork by House of White Birches

  12. Timeless Treasures by McCall's Needlework & Crafts  

  13. Quick Quilts by Leisure Arts

  14. Quilting Patchwork Super Totes by House of White Birches






   1. 100 Cross-stitch Christmas Ornaments by Carol Siegel

   2. All Through the House-Christmas in Cross Stitch Vanessa-Ann collection

   3. Banyard Francais by Linda Jary

   4. Candlescreens II by Vicki Hastings

   5. Christmas In Cross-Stitch by Vanessa-Ann

   6. Country Christmas Cross-Stitch by Lisbeth Perrone

   7. Everything's Just Ducky by Dale Burdett

   8. Holidays in Cross Stitch  by Vanessa-Ann

   9. Holidays In Cross Stitch 1987 by Vanessa-Ann

  10. Holidays In Cross Stitch 1988 by Vanessa-Ann

  11. Holidays In Cross Stitch 1989 by Vanessa-Ann

  12. Holidays In Cross Stitch 1990 by Vanessa-Ann

  13. Holidays In Cross Stitch 1991 by Vanessa-Ann

  14. Holidays In Cross Stitch 1992 by Vanessa-Ann

  15. Holidays in Cross Stitch 1994 by Vanessa-Ann

  16. Holidays in Cross Stitch 1995 by Vanessa-Ann

  17. Holidays in Cross Stitch 1996 by Vanessa-Ann

  18. One-Hour Cross Stitch by Oxmoor House

  19. Quick & Easy Cross Stitch Gifts by Oxmoor House





      A Brother Country Crafts (leaflet #78)

   2. A Linen Symphony by Vanessa Ann

   3. A Nap in the Sun by Vanessa Ann

   4. American Sampler  by Jane Chandler (American Sampler)

   5. Bathroom Reminders by Barbara Cimochowski (Animals)

   6. Birdhouses by Cedar Hill; Shaker/Country (Birdhouses)

   7. Celebrations to Cross Stitch and Craft by Leisure Arts Autumn 1993

   8. Country Crossroads-Filet Cross Stitch by Vanessa Ann

   9. Country Home Twined Lace & Cross Stitch by Suzanne McNeill (Country Sayings)

  10. Country Sportsman by Country Cross Stitch (Wildlife & Dogs)

  11. Crates & Sacks by Country Cross Stitch

  12. Fall Fingertips by Jane Chandler (Towel Borders)

  13. Fancy Borders by The Needlecraft Shop

  14. Fancy Little Stockings by Jane Chandler (Christmas Stockings)

  15. For Needles and Pins (My Love Never Ends)

  16. by Leisure Arts leaflet 587

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  18. Holiday Enchantment Stoney Creek Collection (Book 18)

  19. Homemade With Love grab bag (jar covers)

  20. In the Mooood by Nancy Ranscht's (Cows)

  21. Material Possessions, Rainy Day Friends by Vanessa Ann

  22. Morning Vigil by Judy Buswell (Cows & Pasture)

  23. Mountains by Tidewater Originals (Mountain Scapes)

  24. Mouse in The House by Leisure Arts

  25. Needlework Miniatures by Leisure Arts (Leaflet 146)

  26. Plain & Fancy Alphabets by Better Homes & Gardens (Alphabet)

  27. Sachets by Pat Waters (Flowers)

  28. Shaded Lettering by Sharon Sutherland

  29. Something Special, Bordered Wildlife Collection by Candi Martin/Susan Treglown

  30. Something Special, Siamese Cat Collection by Candi Martin

  31. Strawberry Fields by Vanessa Ann

  32. Sugarplum Express by Leisure Arts leaflet 2053

  33. Teddy n' Friends by Dale Burdett (Teddy Bears)

  34. The Little Ballerina by Bob Harrison (Cat & Ballerina)

  35. Things Once Remembered by Vanessa Ann

  36. Very Pretty Violets by Nancy Dockter (Violets)

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  38. Wearables Unlimited by Designing Women Unltd.

  39. Wildflowers by Yours Truly




   1. Timeless Treasures by McCall's Needlework & Crafts




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   2. Cross Stitch & Needlework by Better Homes and Gardens




   1. Book of American Needlework by Rose Wilder Lane

   2. Creative Needlepoint by Jo Bucher

   3. Hearts & Flowers for Candlewicking by Graphic Needle Arts Book 18

   4. Make it Yourself by the Complete step-by-step library of needlwork & crafts

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  10. The Golden Book of Hand & Needle Arts by The Family Creative Workshop

  11. The Needlepoint Book by Jo Ippolito Christensen

  12. The New World of Needlepoint by Lisbeth Perrone

  13. Woman's Day Decorative Needlework for the Home




   1. Blooming Creations Book 2 by Julie Knudsen

   2. Blooming Creations Book 6 by Julie Knudsen

   3. Fabric Trimmed Baskets by Ronda Crandal (soft sculpture-purchased basket tops)

   4. Grandma's Candlewicking Cuddlies by Dathryn Emdee (Animals-Infant patterns)

   5. Luv 'n Stuff Garden by Barb Bullen & Karen Rizzo

   6. No Sew Victorian Baskets by Georgia Schuessler (soft sculpture baskets)

   7. Sewing 'n' Such Baskets  (soft sculpture 1/2 bushel basket cover)

   8. Sweet Seasons Book 10 by Patrice Longmire






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   2. Angel of Antiquity by Patricia Knoechel

   3. Angels Made Easy by Oxmoor House

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   5. Book of Best-loved Toys & Dolls by Woman's Day

   6. Bountiful Harvest of Projects by BKW 131

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   8. Crafts Celebrate the Seasons by Mary Englebriet

   9. Creating in Cloth by Judith Schoener Kalina

  10. Diminutiques, Volume II Furniture for the Living Room by Jean Dickey

  11. Diminutiques, Volume III Furniture for the Bedroom by Jean Dickey

  12. Doll Making and Collecting by Catherine Christopher

  13. Dolls, New & Old, You Can Make by Helen Young

  14. How To Make Cloth Books for Children by Anne Pellowski

  15. How to Make Shaker Furnishings for doll houses or miniature rooms by Pat Midkiff

  16. Making Decorative Fabric Boxes by Mary Jo Hiney

  17. Offray Ribbon Christmas Ideas Project Book 2

  18. Selling Your Handcrafts by William E. Garrison

  19. Soft Towys to Stitch and Stuff by Farm Journal Craft Books

  20. Specially Yours by Jan Meyerson Wetstone

  21. Stencilling, A Harrowsmith Guide by Sandra Buckingham

  22. The Big Bag Book by Carter Houck & Myron Miller

  23. The Craft of Temari by Mary Wood

  24. The Country Diary Book of Crafts by Annette Mitchell

  25. The Nativity by Donna Gallagher, Creative Needlearts

  26. The Wit & Whimsey of Mary Engelbriet by Mary Engelbriet

  27. The Wit & Whimsey of Mary Engelbriet/Summer by Mary Engelbriet

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  29. The Wit & Whimsey of Mary Engelbriet/Spring by Mary Engelbriet

  30. The Wit & Whimsey of Mary Engelbriet/Winter by Mary Engelbriet

  31. Traditional American Crafts by Better Homes and Gardens

  32. Treasury of Country Crafts and Foods by Better Homes and Gardens

  33. Wee Wooden Folk by June Mayer






   1. A Flourish of Bandboxes Decorative Accents

   2. All Angels by Lynette Goode (Angels)

   3. Floral Brick Covers in Plastic Canvas Leisure Arts Leaflet 1339

   4. Floral Coasters in Plastic Canvas Leisure Arts Leaflet 1107

   5. Mop Doll Heaven by Dorene Prior (dolls from string mops)

   6. Victorian Nosegays in Plastic Canvas Leisure Arts Leaflet 1346

   7. What's New With Old-Fashioned Bandboxes? Home Decorating & Accessories






   1. Macrame Creative Knot-Tying by Editors of Sunset Books

   2. Macrame, The Art of Creative Knotting by Virginia I. Harvey

   3. Macrame Holiday by Leisure Time Publishing

   4. Traditional Candlewicking by Janice Shirley






   1. Fabulous Fit by Judith Rasband

   2. Fiber Structures by Irene Emery

   3. How to Design Your Own Cloths by Claudia Ein

   4. The Vogue Sewing Book

   5. Sew the New Fleece by Rochelle Harper

   6. Stitch by Stitch by Torstar Books






   1. Holidays Remembered by Leisure Arts Publication

   2. Leisure Arts Magazine

   3. Merry Christmas ABC by Leisure Arts Publication

   4. Seasons Remembered by Leisure Arts Publication

   5. The Domestic Manuracturer's Assistant and Family Directorey in the arts of weaving and dying by J & R Bronson

   6. The Eighteenth-Century Woman by Paul Ettesvoid

   7. The Romance of Paula Vaughn by Leisure Arts


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